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07 July 2024

Issue #12 of our ISAAC SG Connect Newsletter is out!

Dive into our latest issue for the scoop on the freshly appointed 2024-2026 ISAAC committee members and get the lowdown on all the exciting events! Don’t miss out on our adventure-filled tales from the 3rd East Asian AAC Conference in South Korea!


11 January 2023

Issue #11 of our ISAAC SG Connect Newsletter is out!

Read about the AAC By the Bay Conference, our very first AAC Camp, and more!

Click the 'View Link' icon below to access Issue #11 of ISAAC SG Connect!


AAC Camp 2023

On 10 June 2023, ISAAC-Singapore's AAC Also Can held our very first AAC Camp! The day-long camp was an opportunity for AAC users to meet and hang out with other AAC users, while communicating and having fun around the theme of Sports.
Check out the link to our Facebook post for more about the event!


AAC By the Bay Conference 2023

ISAAC - Singapore brings to you the much-awaited AAC By the Bay Conference by The Bridge School!
Learn about up-and-coming areas in AAC from international speakers, including CVI, Literacy, and Emotional Competence.
Click below for more info ↓


Issue #10 of ISAAC SG Connect is out!

In this issue, we explore the themes of Assistive Technology (AT) and Accessibility in Singapore.
Hear from our local AAC advocate and digital artist, Muhd Sayfullah, and his meeting with Christopher Hills (a.k.a. @oneswitchguy), and find out more about Singapore's first fully inclusive library!


AAC Also Can - Light Up Through Art

ISAAC SG celebrated AAC Awareness Month with our first in-person AAC Also Can event!
Our participants had a great time communicating and building relationships, as community artist Yun Qin led an upcycling craft activity to make solar-powered lanterns.
(More on this at pg 10 of our Dec newsletter)


AAC Legacy: Remembering Mr Stephen Chu

Remembering MND warrior and advocate, Mr Stephen Chu.
Sandra Chu of recounts her father's journey in using the Tobii Eye Tracker to support his communication as he battled ALS, on page 5 of our December issue of ISAAC SG Connect


CVI - What does it have to do with AAC?

Heard about Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) and want to know more?
Check out page 13 of our December issue of ISAAC SG Connect for a summary of the latest research by experienced Speech and Language Therapist, Dawn Young.


Get to know our ISAAC SG Vice-President!

An inspiring AAC Speaker and AAC Advocate, Yong Seng Koon is Vice-President of ISAAC - Singapore.
Check out page 3 of our latest newsletter to learn more about his AAC journey.


Highlights from AAC in the Cloud

Want to learn more about AAC?
Check out our newsletter for a review of top picks from the AAC in the Cloud conference - all available for FREE as recorded webinars!


Dynavox PCEye 5 vs Eye Tracker 5

Trying to figure out which high tech eye gaze system would suit your needs best?
Head to Page 7 in our latest newsletter for a detailed comparison of the Dynavox PCEye5 and Eye Tracker 5 systems, based on one user's personal experience!